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Hourly rate includes comprehensive assessments:  Woodcock Reading Mastery Test, Phono-Graphix reading inventory, in depth written report, school records review, parent consultations ,school observation, consultation with child’s classroom teacher and other support professionals.  Student binder, worksheets and use of lending book library and games are included in fee.

Reading therapy is for students with learning differences, disabilities and challenges that have been diagnosed or are suspected.  If a student has an IEP, has been retrained a grade, or if you want in depth testing with reports to share with school, the reading therapy track is appropriate.

The courses listed above will be offered along with specialized lesson to improve skills and incorporate effective strategies for the particular learning style of each student.  Intensive interventions that address focusing issues, memory skills, information processing skills are customized to the specific learner.  The reading therapist is available to collaborate with parents, teachers and other professionals.  School test results can be reviewed and specific goals integrated into the reading lessons.

First I give a basic reading skills test to determine code knowledge, phonological awareness, and decoding strategies.  Next a formal assessment ( Woodcock Reading Mastery Test) is administered over 2-3 sessions, to evaluate academic skills, to pinpoint weakness in underlying foundational skills, as well as determine which skill and habits are inhibiting the reader.  This comprehensive test is used to assess listening comprehension, oral reading fluency, word attack skills, and passage comprehension.  With this diagnostic profile, I am able to pinpoint a student’s specific needs, plan targeted intervention, develop goals and lesson plans that are sequenced to match the reader’s individual development.  This information is used to design an individual instructional plan to remediate learning issues, strengthen skills, helping students become more efficient learners and achieve academic success.  Motivation issues are addressed and student interests are taken into account to inspire independent reading and writing for school and enjoyment.

After testing is completed, an in-depth written report with results are shared with parents in a consultation meeting.  This report can be shared with school and other support professionals.  Student progress with will be carefully monitored and retesting will be scheduled usually after 12 sessions.

Rates for prepaid sessions are as follows:

3 sessions prepaid         

6 sessions prepaid  

12 sessions prepaid          

Payment plan proposals are welcome and can be customized with written agreement in a case by case manner.  A sliding fee scale is available by request for income eligible clients.