We use a linguistically based phonetic method that is developmentally appropriate.  It is a streamlined approach that engages the learner in active discovery and gives directed practice for strategy development. Students practice decoding skills to segment and blend sounds, and are taught spelling and reading as a reversible process.  They learn about variations in spelling sounds, overlap of sound pictures, Latin endings and the influence of foreign languages on the English language.  Comprehension strategies, vocabulary development and fluency skills are taught as well.

Multi-sensory instruction addresses a variety of student learning styles. Lessons are presented with visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques.  Instruction is individualized for each student and is based on motivation theory. 

The assessment determines where to start and the number of projected sessions needed.  A regular course runs for 12 sessions, meeting once a week for one hour.   Most students participate in our program for 12-24 sessions.  Courses will be designed to meet the student’s individual needs.      

Adult guided homework/practice is expected between sessions.  In cases where it is not practical or possible to accomplish the practice at home, two sessions per week will be recommended, with the second session supplementing or replacing the follow-up homework assignments.

Using this approach, we generally expect to see a significant improvement in foundational skills and/or one grade level of reading progress (as measured by three subtests of the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test) after 24 coaching sessions.  In 12 sessions, often sooner, significant progress can be noted by both the client and parent.  Practice between sessions is key.  Note:  A session = one hour coaching time + one hour follow-up guided practice/homework.

Intensive courses of study (2-3 lessons per week with follow-up homework) are available by special arrangement.  This is an accelerated program where outstanding progress can be made in a shorter time frame.

Courses offered:  Basic Phonetic Skills, Advanced  Phonetic Skills, Multi-syllable study, Comprehension, Fluency, Spelling, Handwriting, Printing fundamentals, and Story Writing.  Other courses are available based on individual needs or requests.


Act as a guide so the parent mentor can support and reinforce learning at home in a constructive, positive manner.

Provide parents with insights into the sub skills and correct sequencing in the processes of learning to read and to comprehend the material.

Understand that for adults the process of reading is implicit and that children need a program that is carefully designed to provide guidance that is explicit.

Parents/guardians, significant adults are all vital to the Redwood Reading Solutions literacy success.  Instruction is designed to support the adult in actively coaching the child.  Guidance is given for activities and assignments at home.  Children are encouraged to play a lead role in their learning and to use the adult as a facilitator/guide.  Parents are encouraged to sit in on the entire assessment and at least the first six lessons.  Exceptions for viewing lessons are made when the relationship dynamics do not lend themselves to a productive session.

We offer three levels of consultation: 

1-Consultation only:  (Free)   30 minutes

2- Consultation, plus Records Review (Cost $50)

3- Consultation, Records Review, Comprehensive Assessment and Report ($325)

We do require a $50 deposit, or payment in full, at this time to hold the space for the student for the Comprehensive Assessment.


Decoding and word attack skills increase.  Fluency, comprehension and spelling is improved.

Students’ learn strategies to become efficient and accurate readers who read for understanding, enjoyment and enrichment.

Becoming a skilled reader increases confidence, motivation and self-esteem.